A Beautiful Day in Oxford


Vows Renewal Ceremony

A small and intimate Renewal of Vows Ceremony in Oxford Canterbury. Who would have thought it could get so hot?

On the main street of Oxford is the Oxford Seventh Day Adventist Church. A lovely little church with a comfortable and happy history and original timber ceilings, windows and pews.

The service was a gathering of close friends and relatives and there were tears and ear to ear smiles as we moved into the vows and the giving of rings.

Renewal of vows is a wonderful way of ‘cementing’ and strengthening already existing bonds of marriage and for some, a vows renewal ceremony is a way for the couple to demonstrate their love to each other in front of those people who are precious to them.

In some cases, people may marry at a registry office which does not allow for the kind of ceremony and celebration that can be had in a traditional wedding. The renewal of vows is an opportunity for a couple who are legally married to have the celebration and ‘formality’ of a wedding that was not available at a registry office.

Oxford is a lovely little town North West of Christchurch and about a 40-minute drive. Surrounded by mixed farming and on Canterbury’s Inland Scenic Route it is a great place to visit as it has great cafes, restaurants, galleries and more.